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DIY Turbo???

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as some of you might know...i am poor...i cant afford a turbo to save my there anyway you can make your own turbo instead of buying one?...jus wondering if theres any hope
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If you happened to stumble apon a turbo charger... You could make your owns manifolds and exhaust/intake piping. But besides that, you couldn't really make the charger itself. That's kind of expensive.

Just buy some Nitrous:)
ratko that site is awsome:eek:

mykelefty you did that mod?don't lie:nono: :lol:
i knew a guy who got an electric leaf blower and rigged it up to the intake on his Mk1 mr2. not real sure how effective it was, but when he turned it on, it made the RPM's rise...:lol:
Ha, already been done. But I did it on a 14hp riding lawnmower. I pimped that bitch!

ryanmartini said:
hmt rox if neone joins, my name is CivicComingSoon [need to change to camryaquired =P
I have no idea what you said.... And none of the words that were right had anything to do with this thread....
Take it to PM
i cant find it but there was a post on here a few years back where a guy tryed to rig a hair dryer up as a supercharger ... it kinda got torn apart from the force of the engine but still you can hunt around a few trash cans and find one .......

*edit* after diffrent word choices i did find one dryer&pagenumber=2
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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