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This is a DIY on any car battery with top post .
More DIY :

This is basically the stuff I use when I do maintenance on my own battery . Everyone has their own methods this is mine .

This is how my battery looked with corrosion and acid all over the tops and post .

First I sprayed the battery cleaner and die spray . The red shows all the acid . Once you spray this you let it sit and eat up the acid . If you need to apply more then apply more . Always remember to use gloves cause the acid will eat your skin and sting a little . Wear eye protective glass . Never blow the acid , Always use a rag your not gonna reuse again then throw away .

Once you have wiped off all the cleaner and as much as acid you can , Then with your battery cleaner tool that has a wire brush inside you clean your top post . If you do not have this tool you can use sand paper or a wire brush .

Then you open the top of the battery cleaner tool and wire brush the inside of your battery terminals and then the outside of the terminals removing all the acid . Again if you don't have this tool you can use sand paper or a wire brush .

Once you have all the terminals and post clean you wipe down your battery . Check your fluid levels . Do Not Over Flow . You battery does boil when it is hot and if you over flow then every thing you have done has gone to waste . Once everything is clean you add what I call are pads to absorb any acid that the battery may boil out . This keeps the terminals a little protected .

I usually use the battery protectant lube & spray that they give you at the parts store . But it's your car battery and you do what you think is needed. Once you bolt down your battery terminals then you spray or add the battery protectant .
Some of the newer cars require you stick a 9v battery plug in your lighter to keep the computer from resetting itself . Make sure your vehicle doesn't need that or else you will be calling the dealership to reprogram your car . Some cars will not start. Some cars go into a dum mode and will sound horrible until it relearns itself .
Make sure you consult your manual first . For older cars you are ok to do this method .
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