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DIY Waterless cleaning

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I just purchased a new SUV about a month ago and looking for mostly DIY, waterless cleaning and maintaining the exterior and interior.
Parking around my place is usually under a tree so every morning I find nice lil presents of bird droppings all over the car. So far I've used Armor-All multi-purpose cleaner to wipe off the bird droppings and Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Waterless Wash & Wax, to clean when slightly dirty. I use Meguiar's microfiber towels for both purposes. I know everyone will be up in arms, but I've used automatic car washes twice since I got the car. For windows, I purchased Invisible Glass cleaner, not the best though I believe it's because I clean the glass when the sun is out.
I have looked into ceramic coating, but that's going to have to wait. As far as the ceramic coating sprays - can I use that in the meantime even if I haven't gotten the coat done professionally? If so, how do I go about it? Spray after car wash and/or after cleaning with the Waterless wash?
For the interior, I have 303 Leather 3-In-1 Complete Care - Cleans, Conditions, & Protects. I have not used it yet. The interior is Soft Tex.
I don't have access to a hose where I could hand wash the car. I did do a basic search on this forum, while it helped, I would still very much appreciate any advice, tips, etc. on which products I should buy and best way to keep the car looking nice and shiny.