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DMCC @ Mosport Sunday.

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Just caught my eye in the advertising section on Facebook...

This Sunday at Mosport looks to be a drifting competition
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fk'yeah! I'm riling up the DK crew to see if they'll come, I should be able to make it. :D
nice find eh? Too bad i can't make it :(
I was there
i saw a tooooooooon of sweet cars coming down 57 from Mosport on my way home. i wish i could have made it.

How was it Ren?
it was good, pics on facebook... not enough girls though but a few cute ones running around. :naughty:
on his profile. I saw one of the cars on 57 that he took a pic of :D

when i saw it i almost drove off the was very sexy and distracting :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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