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A press is always helpful and the correct method. After removal perhaps a visit to the local shop is in order?
A press isn't necessarily always helpful or the correct method for these specific control arm bushings.

I have a 20 ton press and couldn't get the retaining ring out with a master set of bearing press adapters before cutting it.

Even after cutting it the press still might not work because you have to catch a 1mm steel lip and even with 25 adapters to choose from none were exactly the right size, with a chisel and 4lb sledgehammer two hits popped them out.

For these bushings even when I used the press on the bushing they just split and pop out of the retaining ring, which still has to be cut out to install an aftermarket bushing, and due to the nature of the control arm bushing bore design, a hack saw is the best tool that will fit without risking cutting the control arm.

The bushings I was referring to are then easily installed by hand as they are split in two halves, large poly lips and large outer bore sleeve hold them bolted to the subframe.
101 - 101 of 101 Posts
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