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Do I Buy It?

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I found a 2005 Tundra with 23,000 good miles on it. 4X4 SR5 Access cab with a bedliner, running boards,rain guards over windows,extended warranty to either 75 or 100K miles. The price is $22,000 and pretty firm.
I like the new tundras but they're really more than I need and I like the old gen style better.
Does anyone have any thoughts about the deal? Looked at used at the dealers last week and none compare to this one.
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That sounds like a pretty good deal. I got a 2005 double cab 2 WD 6 months ago for $2000 more. I love it. I traded a 2006 Ford for it. The Ford left me stranded 4 times in the 100 degree heat and when I was at the dealer to get the Ford I spotted it there on the lot. Beautiful,,,black with lots of chrome. I drove the Toyota and never got back into the Ford.

I say go for it!
that sounds like a good deal I would buy it, it has low miles on it and if theirs no body damage it looks good to me...I have a 2001 tundra V8 4.7L ifoce and it runs great...
Thanks for the advice.
I ran this by the Tundra forum too and several said to buy it while others are loyal to the Tacoma.
As I mentioned on that forum, my friend at work is giving me until Saturday and then he's buying it. I guess it's a sign of my age but I still have a hard time paying that money for a used truck-even if it's a Tundra.
Then I went and muddies the waters and tried out a couple of f150's on the way home tonight. They are really trying to push those off the lot. Lots of rebates.
If you get the Ford be sure you are close to a dealer for service and it may be worth it to get the extended warranty even though they are not normally recommended. I gave Ford a chance against my better judgement. It was an impulse buy. Sure they are big and roomy but to me the Tundra handles more like a car and drinks way less gas. Oh and did I mention reliability?

Yes Ford is giving trucks away, but there 's a good reason for that.
Dont but the ford.Buy a truck because its fun to drive and you can put your trust in it to not leave you stranded.Listen to stories like jim williams and think about something.Is it really worth saving a few thousand dollars at purchace time,when you will spend more than that savings on extra fuel and vehicle expenses, downtime,ect,ect..Well, not to me it isnt!
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