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Do I need an alignment?

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Ok, so now I just dropped off my car to the shop for the installation of Eibach Pro-kit springs and new 17" ICW rims with 205/50/17 sumitomo tires.

I was asking if I would need a wheel alignment and the person there said I really wouldn't because the drop is so small (~1.1")... you would really need an alignment if the drops were a lot more since there would be a lot more pressure on the tires.

They're gonna call back later this afternoon after the installation gets done, but do you think that I would need an alignment for that drop I'm going to get? The person at the shop said a lotta people with the Eibach pro-kits don't usually get or even need alignments cuz the drop is so small, compared to 2-3" drops.

Please let me know. Thanks!!
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Well that's what I thought. That when I put my Process springs (1.5" drop) that I'd need an alignment. So I had it done.

Then I took off the springs and went back to stock (but didn't get an alignment for about 1 month).

Took it in for an alignment - got the report and thought WTF! The before and after report were almost the same. Marginal differences which were all within the specified range.

So now I'm not sure but I think I wasted my alignment $$.
so in my case, would I even need an alignment cuz i'm only getting a 1.1 drop?
Not sure.

I think you'll need to do it once to see if there's a significant difference. Make sure they give you a report on the "before" and "after" specs so you can compare.

Unfortunately in my first alignment was done at a different place and I didn't get a report. They could have botched the job (or not done it) hence why there was no difference the second time around.
You don't need an alignment, but some people say do one after any suspension change...But it's kind of expensive to do it just in case. I aggree with the guy at your shop that less than a 1.8" drop you should be fine:thumbup:
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