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Do I need new shocks

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First of all, sorry, this is a repost. I didn't get an answer from the other part of the forum. Anyway:

I have a 2000 Sienna with 113K miles. Tires only have about 5K miles on them. Alignment is good. Car goes straight when you let go of the wheel. Car also goes straight when stopping so the brakes aren't pulling.

The problem is it seems to feel bumpy when going on relatively decent roads. The engine is smooth and not rough when parked and revving the engine. It's only when the car is moving. I'st like you're going on a smooth road and there are little rocks on it. I can almost feel every bump on the road. I drove a newer sienna rental 2 weeks ago and I started thinking, "our old sienna used to feel this smooth".

Are my shocks going out? What else should I look for if it's not the shocks? What's a good replacement so that I can get the original smooth ride back.
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Sounds like you do need new shocks IMO. KYBs would be a good replacement.
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