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do u know of a VIN decoder?

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Is there a VIN decoder that will tell me what option packages are on a vehicle? So far, I've been able to find engine and cab model info, but that's all.
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Here's what the VIN will tell you. Examples are from the 2000 model year.

Digit 1: Country of Manufacture
J = Japan; 1, 4, 5 = USA; 2 = Canada

Digit 2: Manufacturer
T = Toyota, N = NUMMI (joint venture between Toyota and GM)

Digit 3: Vehicle Type
D, X, 1, 2 = Passenger; A, B = Truck

Digit 4: Body Type / Drive Type
Trucks, Std Wheelbase (Tundra?): J = Std Cab 2WD, K = Std Cab 4WD, R = Ext Cab 2WD, B = Ext Cab 4WD
Trucks, Short Wheelbase (Tacoma): N = Std Cab 1/2 Ton 2WD, P = Std Cab 1/2 Ton 4WD
Trucks, Long Wheelbase (Tacoma): S, V = Ext Cab 1/2 Ton 2WD; W = Ext Cab 1/2 Ton 4WD

Digit 5: Engine Family
L = 2RZ-FE (4 Cyl), M = 3RZ-FE (4 Cyl), N = 5VZ-FE (V6)

Digit 6: Engine Series
0 = 100 or 200; 1 = 10 or 110, 2 = 20 or 120, etc.

Digit 7: For Trucks, it's trim level (for Cars, it's SRS classification)
On Tacomas in 2000, all are "2" except for the Limited edition, which is "4".

Digit 8: Model
N = Tacoma

Digit 9: Check Digit (computed from other digits)

Digit 10: Model Year
X = 1999, Y = 2000, 1 = 2001, 2 = 2002, etc.

Digit 11: Plant Code
0-9 = Toyota Japan, C = Canada, S = Indiana (US), U = Kentucky (US), Z = Fremont CA (US)

Digit 12-17: Serial Number
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No - the VIN won't help a bit in determining options / accessories (except maybe S-Runners) during the '01 - '04 era.

You'll need to compare what you got against the Toyota factory option listings / brochures at the Toyota Press Room ( linked off ).

You need to list what you've got, because Toyota typically bundled lots of accessories / options together into packages (e.g., SR5; SR5 Color-Keyed; TRD Off-Road; Convenience; Power; Enhancement....). To further complicate things, some options were available a la carte. Finally, some things were port- or region- or dealer-specific and won't be reflected on the factory listings.
hoping one/both of you is still subscribed; do you know where I would find the "in service date" for determining the warranty period?
You'd have to contact Toyota Customer Service to have them look up the original sale date. 800-331-4331

There is a date of manufacture on the label inside the driver's door jamb. As a rough estimate, you could figure that it took somewhere between 2 to 5 months to deliver the truck to a dealer and then sell it.
I work for a company that provides automotive web services for car dealerships. We obtain our VIN data from a company called Chrome. They provide us with data that lists the standard options from the dealership for the various vehicles based on the VIN number.

While I can't take your VIN and decode it for you (this violates our license agreement) I can tell you that if you take your VIN to any Toyota dealership, the service/parts department should be able to provide you with a printout detailing what you particular vehicle was shipped with.

I did this with my 1988 Celica.

Here's the Toyota VIN decoder. But it shows extended info (options) for US cars only.

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Here's the Toyota VIN decoder. But it shows extended info (options) for US cars only.


Thanks for posting that. I use this site as well for VIN info...
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