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Do white vehicles really get better mpg than black ones?

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Thought some of you would find this story funny. I wonder if the state really has any stats to back up their claim that a white vehicle will get 2 - 3 mpg greater than that same vehicle in black. If so, maybe now we can answer people more accurately to the question/thread title, "Low MPG." That answer can be, "Should have gotten the Super White!" LOL
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Didn't mythbusters find that there wasn't a temperature difference in cars of different color?
Fedex claims when they switched the color of there entire fleet planes/trucks from purple to white it saved them millions
Yeah, I too think it's BS. I'm guessing their thought is that you have to run the A/C more often if the vehicle is black? I don't really think it'll make that much difference. After all, most of that heat buildup in the cab is caused by the sun coming through the windows! I can prove that by keeping things in the bed under the tonneau and it stays way cooler in there than in the cab when parked.
Red gets the best gas mileage period. Don't argue it :)
Maybe the black ones really are bigger????:D
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