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Does anyone else have or have heard of a 96 DX w/ a V6 Engine

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I'm the only person i know who has the DX Model that has a V6 that came stock.
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there's one 1992 camry DX v6 parked around my block.. is out there keep searching
What??? I always look at every Camry I see and I have never seen a DX V6.......Now that i think of it, I once thought I saw a Camry that read DX V6 when I was younger, but I thought I just missread it.......
I have one it says it right on the back. It's the only one I've seen, when i get it back I'll check what engine it is. I knew it was rare :O
Yeah, they exist.. They are rare cause normally, people who buy "cheap edition" of a car, go with cheap everything.. some rare people wanted the "cheap" edition and the V6

Same thing with the 4th gen.. I saw a couple of CE V6

And a lot of those DX V6 are 5 speeds manuals
I got Auto, the only thing it's missing is Power Seats otherwise everything else is good.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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