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does anyone have a spare front lip for there 91 camry????

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would be really nice to get a hold of one.. ive been to all my local junk yards and pick a parts but never found or saw a lip!!!!! i got a 91 v6 with lots of mods but i want the lip!!!! was thinking of getting that front body kit for it but they do not make it anymore:headbang:.. ive seen a few and they look DOPE!!!!! :thumbsup:

and does anyone have any idea where i can get some springs (not coilovers) that will fit my 91 camry DX V6 :confused:

anyone know how to fix the trunk tension rods?? mine broke :sosad: and i had cut them off to make my trunk close :disappoin

help will be appriciated!!! :rolleyes:

long live my 2VZFE
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i have a lip and i can't use you want it ?? it's not new but it's good condition
yeah sure!!!! ill take it... how much you want for it?? where are you located??? any pix you can send.. email me @ [email protected]
i'm in san gabriel area.. how about 20$ sound ?? i'll try to take pictures later
Does anyone know of an aftermarket lip thats lower than the original one? i heard something about a lip from a lexus would fit but i dunno? Does ne one know?
cool i live in baldwin park.. not too far form SGV.. send my ur number with PM..
i herd of some accord lips modified to fit but idk.. sounds cheesy and i dont have the money to spend on an accord lip to mess it up and have it not fit on my car haha.. thats just me
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