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Does anyone have seats in their bed??

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i have A cap on my truck and was told as long as i keep it on im alloud to have seats in the bed. does anyone here have any seats in their bed?? pics mabie?? also what would be the best way to set this up. Thanks
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i thought the title was "does anyone have sheets on their bed?"

im sure it wouldnt be hard to weld in some brackets or just bolt em down. or you could go buy a brat ;)
haha yeah sheeps in your bed?? what. yeah brats are pretty sweet. haha
Ya my buddy has a bench seat in the bed of his 90, he just bolted them down. sorry no pics
What about seat belts? Your required to wear them hear. I don't know about NY.
yeah but i think they cant be mounted to the seat. so im thinking i have to rig up some sort of like roll bar and attatch the seats and belts to that. not too sure thats why i wanna see if anyone has done it.
In CT is it legal for adults (18+) to ride in the back of a pickup even without belts or real seats. However I know I've seen more than a few people in NY pulled over for it.

Put it in as a jumpseat facing the rear right up against the cab. Keep people as close to the cab as possible so that if you roll the cab may offer some protection. Ideally you would have a roll bar by the wheels too to offer more protection from Roll over. Also, if you have a fiberglass cap they're going to be impaled by fiberglass shards if it shatters.
put in some 5pt harnesses and make em wear helmets and flack jackets...problem solved
Ya my buddy just put it right against the cab. i think he just put some lap belts. not exactly the safest but im pretty sure it's legal aroung here.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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