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Does anyone have this supercharger?

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How much better does it perform, how much total horsepower and torque does it give you, and at what RPM? Also, whats the 0-60 time?
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I have asked this question before and gotten different answers. Let's see what happens this time around.
sorry not trying to change the thread but you got a sweet solara
I think Phi has that.
It will give you different gains depending on what you have done for mods, and how much psi you run.

And the peak gains will be at whatever the peak for your hp and torque are on your power band.

0-60 will be affected by everything previous.

There you go. I think these numbers are too optimistic tho (But then again I just have a camry, not a camry solara)

I put down 192 hp and 198 ft lbs to the wheels, the SC being my only mod. Back calculate assuming a 21% drivetrain loss and you get 244hp and 251ft-lbs at the crank

And the curves are pretty flat ( dont remember specifics)

And yes, that is an excellent solara you got there
join us at to see what the general consesn there says. that is one sweet s/c. I only wish i would have kept mine...(sold it for more than i bought i'm not entirely sad).
how can you guys not know about the trd supercharger:confused: \

btw isint ur sn xXs15solaraXx on solaraguy?
Performs great! Just get it you'll be very pleased!

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it was i think 72-78 to the crank.
Trdkamuri510 said:

btw isint ur sn xXs15solaraXx on solaraguy?
if your refering to me, its JAI on solaraguy (my first name)...l8r.
i think TRD said it'd make 240 at the crank with the pulley included in the package...

torque is near there..
Right after I popped on my supercharger I got 221 WHP and 201 WTQ on the dyno with just a 2.5" catback. Should be much higher now...

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