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Does Anyone know if a cherry bomb turbo muffler is obnoxiously loud?

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I just purchased a new Cherry bomb turbo muffler, to put on my 92 Camry. I was just wondering if it was a good idea or is it too obnoxiously loud???... please help :)
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Are you keeping the CAT, or are you making it so it's just the cherry bomb? Cause if it's just the cherry bomb, I have a feeling it's gonna sound not so hot
Nothing sounds worse then a $20 Cherry Bomb ona 4 cyl import. If you had a big block V8 you'd hear, sure!!!!!

If you want a decent muffler for a decent price, look at Megan Racing mufflers on eBay. Magnaflow sound, Autozone budget.
Binks 1 said:
I just purchased a new Cherry bomb turbo muffler, to put on my 92 Camry. I was just wondering if it was a good idea or is it too obnoxiously loud???... please help :)
Maybe you should have asked this before you bought it :hammer:

I would sell it and get a Magnaflow if I were you.
^ that's what I was thinking. Cherry bombs and anything smaller than an 8 don't go together
i agree, if i were you i would put that thing on ebay and hope for the best.
Ive personally tried it, my freind gave me one. and i bolted it on.....It sucks on Gen2 camry's dont do it. lol i mean really sucks

Sounds like a drowning animal
it only cost 20 bucks i would just take a chance and put it on and if it sounds aweful you can always take it off and then buy a good quality muffler
Orrrr dont even put it on because theres people on here telling you first hand that its going to sound like shit :confused: .
put it on. it will be fun :) take off the resonator and cat too!
my friend put one on his 2.4L '95 Grand Prix and it sounds like all that and a box of rice. although I can hear him from about a mile away. and it doesnt sound that bad, just like angry small forest animals fighting over a PA system.

although if it does sound good, I might consider putting a louder muffler on my '92.
If you do put it on, keep your cat. Out of curiosity, I put only a cherry bomb on my trooper, no cat, only cherrry bomb and that thing sounded horrible. I had to put back in a muffler right away
Actually it is on my V6 Camry XLE and it's not a glass pack, it is a dynomax turbo cherry bomb.
since it si aV6 that will help a little bit. Hell jsut put it on and if you dont like it chnage it out. Maybe you can find a friend that will buy it from you if you dont like the way it sounds.
To those saying "Put it on and if it sucks change it out".... unless the guy has hookups or works at a muffler shop then that wouldn't be the best advice. Average cost to install a muffler without catback piping is $30-$60 US dollars... you want to spend that much money TWICE to get it right?
just use the cheapest muffler available on the market and spray paint your car with flames and then you can truly be a *******.

i bet you its cheaper than a stock junk yard muffler that is beat to shit.
Big Body is right. It costs money to just put the thing on. With the money for the cherry bomb and the money for installation, he could just put that towards a magnaflow.

If you know how to weld, then it'll just cost you the piping. Get the prebent ones from your local parts store, or get a pipe bent from your local muffler shop (shouldn't be too expensive). IMO DON'T BOTHER!
Oh yeah. Don't forget to factor in the price when you get pulled over for an obnoxiously loud muffler. Anything that looks non-oem is bound to get you pulled over.
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