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Does anyone with a gen3 have dark gray or black headliner/carpet?

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Well, do ya? If so, what year/trim level/trim color name?

I'm recoloring my interior, now I need carpet and headliner before the car goes back together. I will order new aftermarket stuff if necessary but would like to use OEM stuff if possible.
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Im doing the same thng right now. For the carpet if you want to go with cut pile the best deal if from they will make you the color you want with the rubber mastic backing for sound insulation. It costs 178 plus loke 20 bucks for shipping. If you want a more plusher carpet it is called truvette. It is the same carpeting that is used in corvettes. That will run you like 267 plus 20 bucks shipping. Now is also a good time to mat the car for sound dampening from road noise and helps the sound system. For the best deal on mat use raammat60. As good as dynamat extreme and alot cheaper. He is selling it for like 79 bucks for 65sq ft of it. Two rolls should do it. Rick from raamaudio also sells ensulite padding-helps with the noise reduction. As well as spray adhesive for the ensulite. Check out this link

Let me know if you find anything about a headliner. I've also thought about redoing my original headliner with charcoal suede.
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Thanks for the info, but I'm gonna go search a couple junkyards first. OEM if at all possible :)

I've already sound deadened the doors, I may do the floor too but I haven't decided yet. The headliner will be a piece of cake, with the exception of the sunroof part, the rest is just a matter of peeling the old fabric off the wood and gluing the new stuff on. The fabric is $17-$19/yd from a local upholstery shop.

trd, what % are your tints? I'm going to get mine done as soon as the interior is finished.
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