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does electric supercharger work??

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just wondering :confused: if anyone try this before. what you guys and gals think about it. do you think it will work for my echo? check out site below
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It will most likely work. But with the 2 options (1PSI and 1.7PSI) for 300 and 550, I'd rather get a real supercharger or turbo and make some real boost. You could probably buy an intake and full exhaust for the same pricerange and make close to the same amount of HP.
NO it wont work:hammer: :thumbdown :disappoin
no it wount work.i say do a search and you will find alot of posts on it
Damn that thing is LOUD.
do not get an "electric supercharger" of any kind!!!!!!!, im so glad i saw this thread, for your sakes. i got one off of ebay, just because of curosity and i ate it. they sell 18 dollar marine blowers on e-bay. steer clear. thought id take one for the team.
Some kid at my school goes around telling people that he has a supercharger on his '94 celica. Its one of those electric ones. He should be shot :hammer:
No, an NA engine has more psi in it than a small computer cooling fan :)

Does one of those electric superchargers that requires 3 batteries to work, and drains them in 60 seconds work? YES, but it costs the same as a real kit, so why bother?
This thread just screams "LOCK ME!!!!!!"

Please use the search button before posting. This topic has been posted a million times over. Thank you :)
...the theory and practice of better electric supercharging systems works, but has some significant limitations.

The above mentioned system has been reported to work alright on small displacment engines, and given the power consumption (791watts), perhaps it does. Given it draws 791 watts, and alternators are barely 50% efficient, you need almost 2hp to drive it. Then you get 1 psi boost. On the 3l supra, 1 PSI from the turbo results in about 10hp. Since I don't know the efficiency differences, though I would assume they are less, I'll use this as the best case scenario.

In a 1.5l, I would then expect up to 5hp. Now, this thing is less efficient that the compressor of a turbo, and with the loss of 2hp to drive it, you get the idea of how little they are capable of driving. Every step in the process adds inefficiencies and losses too. Perhaps at the end of the day, you see 2-3 horse in a small displacement application real world. Works, yes. Power to drive it is the problem. If you could pump 5 PSI out after losses, they are on to something. I would expect this to require every ounce of power your car generates in electricity and then some. Maybe when car makers realize 12v is outdated and 24 volt/200amp is a better choice, we might see real applications for electrics.


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