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Does my starter need a shim?

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well, i recently installed a reman starter (i crashed and burned at rebuilding my own). things have been working great, but ever since we had a good cold snap here in the bluegrass state, i have had trouble getting my '99 tacoma 2.7 4x4 to start. on a cold start the starter sings out and there is the terrible grinding crunch of the teeth on the starter plunger slipping off the teeth of the flywheel. then on the second crank i get the same result. but usually by the third try it engages cleanly and starts right up. i mean the engine in running great, it has nothing to do with that. so i guess what i am wondering is if anyone has had this problem before. i have a one -year warranty, so it's no big deal to take it off and return it for another one. but that's not gonna do me any good if it's related to plunger length. does anyone have any suggestions. i couldn't find anything related to this problem in any of the searches i've done. thanks in advance!
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yeah , that makes sense. but the only thing is that i can here the starter plunger spinning because its grinding on the teeth of the flywheel. it's almost like the starter plunger extends too far or not far enough. would that be due to a weak solenoid?
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