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Window goes down quickly because it is made of Glass and it is pretty heavy and Gravity helps the quickly part.

Before you go off to buy anything, try and carefully disassemble the DOOR Panel and situate the Glass about half way up and remove the two 10mm bolts to release the Glass from the Regulator. See if any Rubber moldings or anything is making the Glass from moving UPWARDS smoothly. Have someone hold the glass while you move the regulator down so, you can try out the Glass movement downwards and observe any binding. If you have never done this before then, DON'T do it "or" if you don't have any help DON'T do it.

If you can't find anything wrong then, yes go buy a new Regulator with motor as a complete assembly.

Usually, these motors just quit working and period so, it is very odd that you have a window moving slowly.
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