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Does power window motor or regulator cause this issue?

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Does power window motor or regulator cause this issue?

Thanks for your participation for earlier threads.

My 1999 Camry power window acts weirdly. I am able to bring down the window quickly, but I find difficult to bring it up.

It moves little by little. It moves little. If I press the PW button , it will not respond. I need to wait for awhile to move up little. The mechanic suggest to change the PW motor and another mechanic suggest to change PW regulator + motor together.

If Motor cause this issue, why did it come down quickly and going up little by little?

Is the problem occurring due to PW motor , regulator or something else?

Did anyone of this forum face such issues on Toyota?

What was your solution worked for you?

Thanks for sharing.
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Before you go through all of the time and hassle of swapping motors and regulators, try just replacing the switch.

I recently broke my 94 Corolla's power window switch, so I grabbed a junkyard replacement. The window would go down fine but it was going up slowly and in little jumps if it was going up at all.

I swapped in another switch-bank I had pulled and the window is functioning perfectly again.
This issue with Passenger side front window. If it is an issue with switch, it should work with one of the switch (1- One at driver door, 2-One at Passenger front door). In my case I have the same issue with both switches.

Do you suggest, both switches need replacement?

Why do suggest to change the regulator and motor as a pair? Do you mind, sharing your insights?

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for weighing in. I find the window regulator has plastic + metal components.

What kind of Lubrication recommended for Power window regulators?

Will WD40 kind work?

Thanks for sharing?
Thanks for weighing in.

I did see in some Youtube videos. It suggests to use Greaseless Lubricant for Window Regulators. I am not sure, why ? I thought WD40 as Greaseless Lubricant.

Do I need to Lubricate only Gear portion only or Gear + other moving joints?

Thanks for guidance.
Thanks for weighing in.

I find CRC Heavy Duty Silicone spray says "Not for use on plastics" Lubricates Metal, rubber, nylon and wood.

How did you apply this to plastics ?

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for reply. I find Walmart carry
"Super Tech General Purpose Grease"
Shall I use this for lift/gear mechanism of regulator? It says, it can be use for automotive/truck.

Thanks for sharing.
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