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I agree with the physics involved above. That we can't disagree much about.

In the past 5 years I can hardly count a handful of times that I sat home and listened to music to enjoy it. Before the kids got home, or my wife asks to turn it down. Having a cellar is nice. In So Cal, we dont have many basement homes, or cellars.That is something I always liked about other states.

But I enjoy sound, and music, so I listen to it at times with headphones at my desk working and analyzing imagery....
But when I am driving, I have a higher demand for listening to music. I cant have it sound with voices muddy, and highs cutting.

That's just not acceptable when...
The 2001 Highlander stereo BLOWS away the 3rd Gen JBL or basic. It might not have the lower bass of JBL, but the sound is drastically better. The only other time I have seen technology implementation be worse is in our space program.

While I dont expect anything perfect from a car stereo, you AT LEAST would like all frequencies to output.
The JBL in the HL is MUDDY and restricted. Sometimes we pay more, just for such features, which would be a fail in this case. But if you dont care about sound, and are not enjoying the "Experience" of music and sound, then you just live with it, no prob.
It wasn't just my opinion. Without me saying anything, my wife was unhappy with it as well.

Either way, the option we took was to get the basic Entune anyway, and thought it cant be that bad once you own it, and thinking if it is, we can just add a new system. Not even 6 months after buying it, I started to piece together a sound system that would play all frequencies with high output, and to handle any music you throw at it. Also did improve acoustics in the car with sound deadening material, which is great even if you have no stereo in the car. Just makes the car feel and sound a few notches higher grade.

Most people buy "turn-key" cars, and homes, so its not for everyone. But if you enjoy sound and expect it in the car, be ready for it. I cant see myself buy a car for things like, better sound, or wheels, and such. SO I think the HL is an excellent car...Just not a good sounding , and functioning stereo.
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