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Does the Volant Intake get rid of the secondary air filter in our Tacos?

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What is the purpose of that thing anyways?
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Yes..The Intake will get rid of the Entire box that connect to the throttle body..Its a stupid emission thing to trap vapors that could come back up..I think its worthless and over kill..They are gonna evetually emission a motor right out of a car or truck..All the green weenie fuckin pansies
Agreed. Well you just sold me on the Volant. This will be my only performance mod since nothing else is really out. I don't want to do exaust because I want to keep the V6 quiet. I would like a programmer of sorts, but nobody makes one.
It this available for a 2005 model?
05 and 06 are the same
You know when you add the intake its going to get louder from that
05XRunner - i doubt you have lived in a heavy smog area. there is nothing wrong with a clean environment. i was born and raised in SoCal, and there are some days where you *literally* can not see the mountains until you are within 4 or 5 miles of them. that, to me, is absolutely disgusting.

often times, emissions equipment does not hamper performance. for example, an EGR valve does not operate at WOT. the fuel control system is in open loop at WOT. the PCV is non-functional at WOT. the charcoal canister does not purge at WOT.

with that said, on older cars, emissions equipment does hamper performance in some cases. catalytic converters, especially when clogged/melted, can be a gross exhaust restriction. an EGR that is not working properly will cause a loss of performance. a PCV that is messed up can cause some odd symptoms.

my MR2 has no cats and no EGR, but it is no longer my daily driver. :)

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The reason I asked if they worked on a 2005-06 Tacoma is because the don't list those years at there website.

Maybe I'm just blind!!!!

Of course since I live in Ca. I won't be able to use it anyway!!!!

And the louder the better!!! I have a K&N on my 4runner. But it would seems as though people don't much care for there product in this forum.
The Mill down the road from my House i bet puts out more pollutins then all the tacos built for that year I bet.
The 2005-2006 Tacomas are listed as Ultra-Low emission vehicles.
Volant doesn't have an intake for 05-06 Tacomas if you go by the chart on the web site.
Anybody got any other ideas on how to get a little more hp in a 2.7litre.

I know it seems a little pointless since it's a little 4 banger but any help would be much appreciated.

And no!!! trading it in for a V6 is not an option. I just happen to like the little ricer
Alpine right now is doing its development to do the changes on the old 2.7 S/C so they can put it on the new 05 up S/C
So if you wanna wait for that
Yea, I saw the post on that supercharger. That will be awesome when they get that figured out.

I think I will wait for my truck to go out of warranty for that.

Besides, don't you have to use higher octane fuel for that system. In CA, the price of high octane is insane.

Any other ideas?

I guess I will have to wait a little longer for someone to come up with something I can use that is CA compliant.

This sucks!!!!
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Why are all you Ca. people so damn concerned with this smog crap. I mean even if it will fail, which I doubt it would, you only have to get it smogged every 2 or 3 years anyways. Just put your stock intake on when you have to get it smogged. Its not that big of a deal. I never seem to keep my cars more than a 1 1/2 years anyways so I really don't care, LOL.
if you get pulled over and the officer wants to look under your hood, he can ticket you for illegal parts. it will fail visual inspection unless there is a CARB sticker on it.

you not keeping cars long enough to pay for them has little to do with passing a smog test in a state you do not live in.

Well why not obtain a "CARB" sticker, put it on, and not have to worry. I pay for them from the get go so I don't get your sarcasm.

Not all of us are concerned with that "smog crap". However, it is the law here in CA.

I don't know if you are to young to remember this but in the 70's. The smog here was unbearable. It was killing people.

Because of the State of California's "smog crap" the air in southern california is much better to breath.

And yes, if you don't have the CARB sticker, you will get ticketed. It happens all the time.

I suppose that If I were able to afford buying new cars every 1 1/2 years I would be able to afford all of the fines. And not really care about breathing poison.
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frankho, I am just talking about a Cold Air Intake. I am sure that won't make your car more prone to produce more pollutants. I mean it is already an ULEV. But yes I know most people, including myself don't want to have to pay for fines.
I completely agree.

I have the K&N FIPK installed on my 02 4runner with the V-6. It works fine. Haven't had any problems with it at.

The only problems I have with it is that it doesn't deliver a peak hp increase until about 4800rpm. Kinda useless really.

I did get better throttle response though and I did notice a difference going up hills with a full load.

Alot of people bag on the K&N system. So I am looking to try something different on my 05 taco. There is not to much stuff out there for the 4 banger so if you hear of anything. Please let me know.

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05XRunner said:
Yes..The Intake will get rid of the Entire box that connect to the throttle body..Its a stupid emission thing to trap vapors that could come back up..I think its worthless and over kill..They are gonna evetually emission a motor right out of a car or truck..All the green weenie fuckin pansies
You may say that since toyota is good on emissions and I doubt an intake is gonna make a huge difference, but you know how many jackasses there are in california that say that that own Hummers and Other unnecessarily large gas guzzlers. Its perfectly okay to worry about how your kids and grandkids lives will be affected because nobody cared about the smog situation in southern california. I can go to the highest peak in San diego which isn't too far from the beach and not see the beach - thats ridiculus. I couldn't go to football practice a couple years back because air quality was too bad (by law)!! Emissions controls are anything BUT bad.
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