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does this exist?

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tried a search but i didn't get anything back for what i'm looking for... in the bed of my tacoma I've got the two storage areas on either side that stay in place with the two little dial-like "locks", although they don't lock it - just keep it in place. Has anybody made any replacement covers for these side pockets or replacement dials that allow you to lock them (with a key or combo)? i'd love to cram more stuff in those pockets but i'd be weary of putting anything of value there. again, sorry if this has already been touched on.
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Locks for the '05 bed storage doors By Oconner

Combination locks for the bed storage doors By Padlinout

I did something like the first one before it was written up. It was very easy.
damn, thanks man for the quick reply! I should've probably inspected them before I asked the question, cuz after looking at those pictures, the locking one seems pretty straightforward. thanks again!

(ps, say hello to mayor adam west for me)
yaytacos said:
(ps, say hello to mayor adam west for me)
As long as you promise to stop stealing his water.

"Mr. Toilet, I thought you were in the Hamptons..."
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