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Does this sound reasonable?

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1991 NA MR2 5-Speed, White w/blue interior, 97k miles, t-top, <100 miles on Sumitomo HTR200 tires, power windows, locks, cruise, AC, aftermarket cd deck, no damage history, timing belt & clutch at 62k... BUT needs struts, strut mounts, rear calipers, distributor seal. He wants $3900 USD.
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Try talking him down to $3,500.... or less if you can. Those struts will run you a couple hundred $. Plus those brakes.... depending on how you go... will be a bit. I will have some calipers in a few.... pretty sure they are in decent condition... haven't pulled them off the car yet.... I'll practically give them away :)
Yea, I figured I could talk him down a bit since his wife is making him sleep on the couch until he sells it. He bought it for an autocross car, but then a better condition Miata came along, so he bought that. Technically it's not a one owner, but this second guy has barely had it at all. If I do go through with it I'll be sure to hit you up about the calipers.
i think that if u waited and looked a bit more....for a few grand more u could prolly find a decent turbo....what is ur price range??..are u concerned with insurance issues??.....
I really would like a turbo, but as you said insurance, and NA would be more competetive in it's class for autocross. Insurance on a turbo definitely would not take kindly to me. Soon to be 18 year old male, single, two infractions in the last two years... I figure if I get tired of not having enough power, the RIPP SDS would be available by that time.
NA > Turbo for autocross.... if thats what you are planning on using it for.... go with the NA.
Yea, I've been convinced now (by TN and that NA is the way to go for me. Theres just something about a 5SFE in a sports car that doesn't seem right. I'm sure I'll be more than pleased once I get one though. Anyone have times on a MKII NA, 0-60 in particular?
If I remember right the 0 - 60 for the 5sfe in the MR2 was between 8-9 seconds. If you are looking for a little more power out an NA MR2.... you can go with a BEAMS 3SGE swap :D If you can find one.... that would be awesome.... 200hp NA engine, but it was only put in about 1,000 or so MR2's.
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