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Does your truck do this?

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Since i bought my truck last summer it's been vibrating whenever I idle. It happens whether or not the AC is on. I can tell that its the engine that is vibrating. The RPM's usually dont change when I idle. An example of the vibrating starting would be once i come to a complete stop at a red light.
I took it to my mechanic and he said I need motor mounts!?

Does this sound right? I just want my engine to puur and stop vibrating.
Anyone have similar problems?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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mine's done it since day one. it's an '05. it hasn't gotten worse or better. been the same forever. haven't really thought twice about it.
There is a thread on here somewhere,someone had to have new motormounts due to theirs broke.
And there's a TSB for the intake rattle (where the conduit passes into the front right fender). Mine used to rattle every morning as I backed out of the driveway... (I think the TSB refers specifically to a rattle when in reverse)... But, heck, if the conduit fits loosely and is prone to rattle - what difference does it make if it rattle in reverse or at idle.

I had mine changed to the new part and my rattle is gone...:thumbsup:

Just another idea...

But if you're talking about vibration instead of rattle (now that I re-read the thread) - this might just be off the mark.
^ intake tsb through the fender is not a cause for engine vibration. plus, i have the urd tcai. so you can definitely eliminate that.

it was colvilletacoma who had his motor mounts replaced. i checked mine when he first posted that thread. i've had the truck in the air several times and have checked every time. nothing. my father/mechanic said he saw nothing wrong with them either. idk, maybe i have to check again, but the truck as always done this.
Mine doesn't, you sure you don't just have a rough idle, maybe caused by timing or no spark?
i've never had any lights on the dash come on and i've had the truck hooked up to my father's scan tool. numerous times. says everything is running fine. no codes show up.

i was thinking about replacing my plugs sometime in the near future though.

and just to clarify, it only does it while in gear at a stop light (auto). if it's in park it won't do it.
Looks like griffin407c and I have the same problem. My truck also only vibrates when im in gear, never when im in park. Just like griffin, I dont have any lights coming on in the dash. I guess i'll just get the motor mounts and see what happens. Thanks for all your inputs. Hopefully its nothing serious.
Mine does this as well, but I only really notice it when there is a plastic water bottle in the cup holder, making it vibrate back and forth.
My 6 spd 2008 didn't do it when I first got it, but about a month or two ago (about 20,000 miles) I started noticing what I would call a slightly rough idle at stop lights. So if any body figures this out I would love to know... I'll try new plugs at 30 maybe that'll do it.
^ i plan on changing plugs this week... also oil change, diff fluid changes and trans fluid change. we'll see if i gain any ground.
^ i plan on changing plugs this week...

Sweet let me know what happens.
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