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Dogged by timing belt

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Hi guys:

I have been trying to install my timing belt and get my car to run. The first time it ran fine for about 30 minutes and then the belt slipped. I put it back on again twice and it slipped both times and a lot -- in each case, the belt slipped and the cam gear rotated about 180 degrees off top dead center in relation to the crankshaft pulley at top dead center. I had gotten the belt on reasonably tight -- I think -- so I just can't figure what is wrong.

I don't have the bottom belt cover off right now and I'm wondering if that is where the slack is -- between the water pump and the crank shaft.

I think I have the right timing belt. It's a Mitsuboshi CD138. I bought a kit that included this belt.

Thank you for your help in advance!

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Rotate your camshaft pulley counter clockwise (towards the rear of the car) Until the belt between the camshaft pulley and the Water pump is tight. Tighten your Manual adjusting nut down, and crank the car over. the reason your supposed to rotate two revolutions is to make sure that the belt is guided properly over the camshaft and crankshaft. If you have about 1/8" Gap between the belt and the edge of the pulley on the camshaft pulley your belt will be ok.
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