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doing a engine swap

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trying to make sure of what im doing and need anyone that has done this to give me some pointers..... im swaping my stock 5mge motor out of my 85 supra and dropping in a single turbo 7mgte motor need some advice on materials and what not! thanks
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for one...u will need all the proper engine hoist....a helping hand would be nice too.....a car manual is a must if this is ur first time......if the motor is a direct drop in....u won't have to make custom engine the car is the trickiest part.....
also, i would go ahead and get new engine/transmission mounts and flush all of you lines. Here's a great pointer.....try not to break anything off the engine when you put it into the car.;)
ok guys this realy helps but im not a little kid you can tell me stuff that i dont know not what i do know!!!
i have a friggin supra for crying out load lol !
You need to go the They have a ton of info on changing out a 5m to 7mgte. It gets very involved, go to FAQ for more info.
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