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Dome light wire for alarm?

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Does anyone know the color and location of the wire you need to tap to have the dome light turn on when the doors are unlocked? The car I am dealing with is a 96 Avalon. My girlfriend had an alram installed in the car and the installer said that it did not have any instructions on how to wire the dome light. I can do it if anyone can tell me what wire to tap or where I can find that information. Thanks for any information.
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same here, just finally added a remote to my xls, and it kills me you can not tell if they locked or unlocked..... I would also add, and make a how to off.. door handle (outside) lights....when locked, unlocked....

on a second thought should the + wire from the door light and the + from the door latch be the one's to tie in, then when you unlock the light comes on.......or am I missing something?
all i know is the dome light has a circuit board near the drivers left knee, behind the dash cover. that board provides fade out of the light and "intelligent" operation - such as light going off right now when the doors are closed and locked and staying on, when you forget to lock them. given the current level of complexity, i'd say leave it alone?
however it is beyond annoying to me (and especially for an kinda luxury car with auto headlights and stuff) to not have any indication that you locked/unlocked your doors so....

in maybe 2 weeks (this week too busy) I will tap into the door dome light to add door handle lights so i will also mess around with the lock/unlock on remote....if I find anything I will post.....if anybody has more advice on where to start......:))) .......hopefully I will not mess anything up........

on a side note, you all probably noticed when you open the door the dome lights come on and if you close door they turn off but the overhead light stays on until you lock (or lock by remote). Thus it means there is some connection right??? Remote lock turns off overhead dome light if it is on...but it does not turn it on, or any other lights, also car will not lock remotely with doors will try ....even though I am confused already.....i think.....
The wire to the center dome light runs up the driver side front pillar. You could always cut it, add in two diodes for the effect I think you're looking for.

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You will need a relay...
Beantickler can you give a bit more info. In my case it.s xls with factory alarm, what would I need to amke the dome light come on/off from remote and alarm chirp if possible
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