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2003 HL V6
Noticed some extra noise from underneath and diagnosed it @ the donut gasket:

Here's what came out when I separated the two sections:

Where's the rest of it? No idea. I didn't see any extra in the CC / Cat which is directly downstream.

I've played w/Subarus for the last decade and had this extra donut (doughnut ?) gasket: 44022AA123 In case your local shop doesn't have the correct Toyota parts. This fits mostly SUBARU turbos - like the WRX.

The Toyota part numbers for gasket and bolts: 17451-0A010 and the bolts are: 90109-A0023

Fit perfectly over the flange and it snugged-up w/the spring bolts to the 'stops' on the bolt....... And no more leak:
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