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door light diagram

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door lock diagram

Anyone have a wiring diagram for a 96 camry driver side panel. mainly which wires are the door locks.

my driver side door lock button is the only button non-functioning. everything else works just not from the driver side panel. I can open the door with the key on the driver side. I know its not my switch because i bought a 2nd switch that was proven to work. And its not that, i just figure its a dumb wire issue. BUt i need a diagram to fix it
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my 93 does the same thing...before i get out of the car i hit the door locks...and they all lock except my drivers side one...i dont know what the problem moves but it doesnt lock(so i just hit it with my hand)...maybe this thread can help me too...please give some input
mines doesn't do that tho. But i think we have similar problems. But mines when i hit the door lock button there is no power going to the button at all. Its like nothing works. But like the passanger side works prefectly locks all doors and unlocks.
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