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2005 Toyota Highlander - Base 3.3L

I am having trouble locking my front driver side door lock using the FOB key or interior lock button. The other doors lock when I hit either of these buttons, but the front driver side door does not. The door locks when I use the key.

Originally I thought it may be the motor of the of the door lock actuator that went bad. I broke down the door lock actuator all the way down to the motor and tested it. When I hit lock, the motor turned one direction and when I hit unlock it turned the other direction. I don't believe its the motor of the door lock actuator. I'm stumped, so I really don't know.

I then reassembled the door lock actuator with out mounting it to the door. I proceeded to test the door lock actuator a second time. When I hit lock the white plastic arms associated with he motor casing would move once (sometimes not) and when I hit unlock nothing would ever happen. I could always hear the motor turning inside.

I'm pretty stump and looking for advice on how to resolve this issue. As of now, i'm considering replacing the whole dang thing with a Dorman or junk yard part.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time, wisdom, and experience in advance. :fruit:
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