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door speaker depth in 92 camry?

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I apologize if this has been answered 200 times already. Multiple searches turned up empty. I just ordered a new pair of cdt components for my girlfriend's 92 camry, but I read somewhere today that most aftermarket speakers can interfere with windows on these cars. Does anybody know what depth there is for door speakers? Is there enough room behind the speaker grill to mount the speaker to a spacer without making major door panel modifications? I don't mind making some modifications, but I want to maintain a stock appearance when I'm done, and I also want to be able to reinstall the stock speakers because with any luck, she won't have this car very much longer.

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2.3/4"... the CDT lists the CL-6a's as 2 7/8" so you may need to use spacers... either way though you'll probably need an adapter ring... Scosche SAC-656.
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