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door swap '94 4runner into '90 2wd

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I need to replace my driver's door on my '90 SR5 PU, 2wd V6 and found a matching white one in perfect condition at a nearby wrecking yard. It is on a '94 4runner. Does anyone know if the 4-runner door is the same door as the 2wd pickup (no vent window)?

Thanks much.
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I think the 4runner would have to be a 2 door for it to fit and I have only seen 1990 model 2 door 4runners. So probably will not fit.
I always thought the 4runner had different doors..
When I look on a parts website, the shell comes up as the same part, but I want to be sure before I go pull the darn thing. Maybe the skin is the same but the door (hinges, etc.) is different??
A 2 door 4Runner door is same as p/u door, 2wd/4wd doesn't matter.
A 4 door 4Runner door won't swap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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