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Double your output on your Foglight Easy!

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hey guys heres a guide to double the performance of your hid/fog bulbs, well almost double
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interesting... and i'm soon to get fogs too... installing mines tmr... but haven't gotten new bulbs yet. this works for both Halogen and HID?

All hid are the same right? just that there's 35W and 55W

but halogen bulbs are different with diff sizes?

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but how would it produce more lumens if both bulbs are HIDs? i think all hid bulbs rated at the same Kelvin would produce the same amount of light , i wanna try this but dont wanna waste my money

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I already have 55W H11 bulbs and as far as i remember OEM does have h11 too, so no improvement need to be done there. H9 comes in the cheap ebay kits. H11, H9 : H is for halogen, this does not apply for hid. the difference btw the h9 and h11 is the wattage, thus light output.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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