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Have any of you guys downsized from a larger truck to your Tacoma? I am asking because that was my intention when I bought my 04 DC 4x4. I still have my fullsize truck which I need to sell soon, or make the decision to sell the Tacoma. I like the Taco it is a solid little truck, but I went up to the mountains this weekend to play in the snow with my wife and 2 sons(3yrs and 5yrs) and we took a lot of stuff. So to keep from being uncomfortable we took my '05 Ford F250 4x4 crew cab diesel. For you guys who have kids you know how much stuff has to go with you when you take a trip. It is hard to switch from the F250 to the Taco. BTW, I bought the Taco in Oct 2007 so I could have a much lower payment, and a little better fuel mileage. Have any of you guys made the switch without regret:confused:? My 250 is a workhorse, I have pulled everything from trailers of cement, our travel trailer, and 3000lbs of sod in the bed and the truck never even broke a sweat. We are a single income family and every dime counts. Can the taco take the place of the 250 succesfully?:confused:
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Well, I think you answered your own question. Taco is not a Ford F250 in terms of size or weight carrying capability. It is what it is, which is, a very dependable, smaller, more economical, lighter duty vehicle that will probably outlast your Ford if it, like your Ford, is used for what it was intended for. Choice is up to you.
TuRDle, I am not comparing the Taco to the F250, I am just asking if anybody has downsized from a fullsize truck and regretted their decision. I am not concerned with which one will last longer, I think both trucks can last a long time with the proper maintenance.
But don't you see? That's my point. If you have the needs that you are comfortable satisfying with your Ford, you won't be comfortable (your truck won't either) having to meet those needs if its a small truck. I down sized from a bigger truck but I didn't need its capabilities. So I am perfectly comfortable with a Tacoma. With what you described, you won't be. So, only you can answer that question based upon your own needs. I hope that is giving you the opinion that you asked for.
I went through this recently, high payments, high insurance and ended up going to the 10-year-old Toyota Tacoma I have now, I haven't looked back.

The killers on new cars are depreciation (which you effectively pay through your payments) and the insurance costs.

Your F250 is already 3 years old so you already beat the worst of the depreciation curve (you already made the payments) and from here on out its not so bad. In another 3-4 years you could go to just liability insurance but essentially it's too late, unless the payment/insurance is killing you or you really need the money.

Yeah, new vehicles are nice, I still have my 2004 Ford Ranger (haven't got around to selling it), but in my case I prefer the $ in my pocket.

If you need to tow or whatever, you can do that with your Tacoma, the space thing too--just a little tighter.

Just a question of what you want and what you're willing to put up with.

As soon as I sell my Ford Ranger, I'll be happier with the decision, the only regret I have is that I didn't just unload it sooner.

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I went to an 02 dbl cab from an 86 F150 extra cab. While I love having the increase in interior room, I did loose a good chunk of bed space. I have a little girl and I know how much crap you have to bring. So if I am taking the truck, I use a lot of tubs that you can stack and then strap down. I also have a 4x7' trailer that I use for those occasions where I need more space. I would never go back to a full size as I can't justify a truck that size. I have no need for a mega power plant nor do I have a lot to tow, I have friends with big truck its cheaper that way. I just wish my Tacoma was a diesel, then I would have a better compromise in power.
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