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I have searched and searched this site and any other place where I could get knowledge.
Background - 2004 Camry SE, 149k, 2.4L.
Bought it a couple months back to have a DD.
Bought it with a bad misfire. Originally had 2 misfires on cyl 1 and 2.
Checked all lines coming off intake and surrounding area for a vacuum leak. Nothing I could find.
Coil packs looked to be original. Same with plugs. Bought and replaced with 4 DENSO coils and plugs.
Still had CEL for P0171 - faulty MAF and a P00300 - random misfire. Ran very rough.
Replaced MAF with a DENSO replacement.
Replaced fuel cap with OEM replacement.
Replaced A/F Sensor on Manifold with DENSO 234-9010 replacement .
After all these parts it is now dropping a CEL for a P0032 bank 1 sensor 1 and a P0300 random miss.
It also pulled codes for every cylinder misfire... I am at a loss
Any and all help would be appreciated.


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Starts fine. idles fine. With a slight acceleration in park it revs fine and holds all the way through the RPMs.
If it is anything besides a slight pedal, it stutters. But does not stay. Seems to be only on the low end.
After scouring through the forums, i did some process of elimination.
Had it idling. Hit all the hoses/vacuums with starting fluid. No change in RPM.
Sprayed around intake manifold, no change.
Sprayed around air intake, no change.
Unplugged each coil. Drop in RPM with each coil pulled.
Unplugged the MAF, car died.
Unplugged the A/F Sensor, NO CHANGE.
But the sensor is a brand new DENSO replacement. Part #234-9010... Wrong sensor?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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