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Driver side windshield wiper leaves water streaks

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I bought a used 2017 Highlander one month ago and soon noticed an issue with the driver side wiper blade, leaving a pretty broad water streak (middle of the wiper blade) obstructing outward visibility, which is especially bad at night. I've gotten new Bosch Icons thinking that that may solve it... unfortunately, the issue is still there. I tried to search for a similar issue and solutions, no luck. There is a similar thread in Avalon forum, where people suggested it might be a weak wiper blade arm spring.

So, my questions are:
1) Did anyone have and solve a similar issue?
2) Does anyone knows a replacement part number for wiper blade arm springs?

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The wiper arm (85221-0E050 ~$60) can be replaced in its entirety, I don't think OEM sells just the spring alone unless you go through some salvage yard or eBay...

Anyhow, in looking at your picture, those 2 spots looked to be with some sort of oily/waxy substance (or been polished), I would first scrape clean the area with a brand new razor blade then clean with windshield cleaner (i.e. Invisible Glass).
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When I've had areas not cleaned off by the wiper like near the center as yours I would gently bend the wiper blade in towards the windshield. Just be gentle and pull it lightly away from it's frame.
As a follow-up and to contribute to the knowledge base...

I brought my car to a nearest dealership and according to a service rep, the issue was that the driver side wiper was slightly bend/twisted probably at a car wash.

Repair cost: $0.
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Nice!!! Thanks for the follow-up!!
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