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drivers licensce

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how old were you when you first got your licensce,and did you get it on the first try?what kind of car did you drive on your road test?i always laugh when i see people trying to parrallel park with a huge ass car when they are doing the driving test.i was 17,and i did. the only reason i waited so long to get it was i was REALLY nervous.i drove my mom's 97 toyota corrolla ce. it was the smallest thing i could find for it.
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i got my learners first try 4 days after i turned 16.

i got the next level license (pretty much no restriction) as soon as i was allowed and took my parents gen3 cam. i used that cam also on my full license road test, which was way easier than the first test
got mines about sept in 2004. i failed my first time by 1 point because the dude was an ex-teacher at my high school. he got fired for some odd reason and he remembered me failed me on the line. didn't cut me a break or anything. that jerk. the next day i came back and everyone agreed taht the guy i had was a jerk. this all happened in my dad's 94 camry XLE.
Point of advice for taking your drivers test in California.... Mexicans do not like white kids in Cadilacs. Failed twice for that exact reason :hammer:. Went and took it in a Nissan truck in some ghetto clothes and grease on me..... PASSED!

Oh ya.... took it the first time the day I turned 16.
Got my license at 16 on my first try driving the driving schools Chevy Corrsica, yuk! I still wonder to this day how they passed me for the eye vision part. I was able to read all the letters but the last 2. I flat out guessed on the last 2 letteres and got them right.......I dunno!
got mine beging of march... 1990 volvo 240 dl [wagon] the damn thing barely fit in the parallel parking space... o well i passed with only 2 of 240 points off... so i figure i did fine :D

i wish i could have used the bmw, for those of you that drive them, the mirrors flip down when you put it in reverse, and it makes parallel parking a breeze, and its shorter... but owell i passed i cant complain =))
learners - got it on the second try...first test kicked my ass because i didn't know what was on it.
license - got it on the first try...the tester had to remind me to breathe, i was so nervous...but i aced it with flying colors.

thank goodness the US only has 2 tests.
17 and some months is when I got the full license because in DC, you can get a LP at 16 and at 16 and a half, try the road test for a "CDL" (Conditional DL) then at 17, you can shoot for the Full DL. Anyways, the test for DC is SOOOOO EASY. You just go around a block, turning (w/ signals) and it's all done in like 8 min. NO PARKING, NO NOTHING! It's a joke :lol: and that's why DC has trashy drivers. The car I used was the '89 Corolla DX my mom bought for me. Blue, four door. It still purrs like a kitten :)

The road test is for the CDL, to get the DL, you just prove you've had 10 hours of night driving and your are done. Of course, you can only apply 6 months after you've gotten the CDL, NO EARLIER. :D

I messed up on a right turn because I failed to use both my side mirror and rear view. I only used the rear-view but on the next right turn, he was like "you're lucky you got that right the second time, you could have failed"

Meanwhile, what's up with them always holdin' the E-brake? They wanna drift or somethin'? I should go back and show my tester guy what I learned ever since I got my CDL from him:)
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Got my permit day after i turned 15, license the day I turned 16. No trouble at all with either test, the road test had no parallel parking. Never went to traffic school of any type, but I may be going soon to try and clear a speeding ticket.
I had to wait until I was 18 (not due to law, because my mother's retarded).

I got it on my first try and I learned to drive partially with my driving instructor's '04 Sentra and partially with my Camry.
Got my learners permit a week before i turned 15 'cause I was going on vacation for the next month. Had my license by 9am on my 16th b'day. Easy stuff, I don't understand how people can't pass... Especially if they're driving an A/T car.

Oh yeah, '87 1.5L civic hatchback with a 4 speed, and it's a pain becuase the clutch was burned out when I tested. Only harder car to drive I've ever driven is a Jeep... Jeep's are tricky too.
I was 17 and tested in a Corrolla. I passed on the first try. My 18ths brithday was 1 day later. Basically on my 18th birthday I had a license with no restrictions. Felt good after having a permit for almost 2 years.
learners permit a few months after my 15th birthday.

got my license a few months after that. The first time i took it, i was so nervious that i forgot to use my turn signal and took a wrong turn in the parking lot. failed that test hard core, and that was in a Hyundai Elantra,

The next time, i 0wnd that test! didnt miss anything, even the parallel parking and this time i was taking it in a Ford Explorer. boy howdy did that suck.
I was 15 years old when I got my learners permit. At 16, I got my driver's license; passed the exam on the first try, although the examiner was a bitch.

In driving school, which was my high school, I used a brand new Ford Crown Vic which I hated, but when I was being tested for my driver's license, I used my mom's 93 Camry.
i got my learners in late december 99, got my g2's 8 months later, pretty much to the day, i was driving my parents 92 volvo 960 wagon (which i had barely ever driven, other volvo was broken)

i got my full g a year after that on a 5spd altima, all tests passed the first time
I used a gen3 camry. I failed the first two times, once when parallel parking I backed up into the flag and the guy then showed me how to do it but that was the end of the test. I went out to an empty parking lot and practiced.
I got it the third time but when pulling into the parking lot, a car in front of me went straight I followed him but then I saw the sign 'no etrance'. I stopped ,told the instructor that car shouldn't have gone there, made a right and I passed it!
If you ask me that sign was there on purpose to see if people are paying attention.
Got 48/50 on my written test on the first go (and I took drivers ed nearly a YEAR beforehand) - done and done.

About 6 months after I got my permit, I took my driving test in my mom's 2001 Subaru Outback. I got somewhere in the upper 90's (96% IIRC). I was mid-17 when I got it. First try obviously.

I took my driving test the day after I drove back from Medford, Oregon (~300 miles), so by the time I took the test, I had driven over 300 miles, so I was defenetly 'warmed up'

I had to wait for my brother to get his licence before I got mine, and thats why it took so long :(

I drove my dad's 1989 Chevy Silverado for over a year before getting my Camry, so driving a HUGE truck that was slow and has just-decent brakes was AWESOME practice, my Camry always feels like a nimble go kart :cool:
i took my written test when i hit 15 then i bought my first car for 100bucks, 85 escort wagon w/bad headgasket. i changed the head to get it ready for the road test. unfortunately the starter solenoid was acting up, it would ge stuck ad the starter would constantly crank. so i turned off the car and then put it in the on position reached under my seat a grabbed my screwdriver and told the lady give me a sec. jumped the solenoid to start the car and passed with a perfect score. i was so happy. i got to the dmv on a monday 5 min after school let out boy were my friends surprised when i walked past them with my dl while they just got in line.
permit- passed, got right after my 17th birtday

drivers- failed the first time because I took a corner too fast:rolleyes: (guy was being a punk) I was still 17, second time passed no errors:thumbup:.. I was 18
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