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If the problem occurs when moving the seat there could be a wiring problem. A wire the breaks the circuit or opens (disconnects from the circuit) will trip the trouble lights.

When you readjust the seat the wire may now reconnect and the problem goes away.

The ABS computer checks the circuits each time the car is started.

Suspect it may be a problem with a electrical wiring plug. A harness runs to the area under the seat, electrical plugs then attach this wiring to the seat. This allows the seat to be removed and disconnected from chassis wiring.

You might do a little probing under the seat to find the wiring area where if you push or pull it causes the problem.

The dealer could also do this but may just want to sell you a complete harness.

This issue is no differant then having an intermittent loose wire that causes an ign or light problem. However in this case the problem causes the airbag computer to trip a code.

Unless you start applying electrical power to the airbag wiring there is no chance of firing the bags.

Perhaps an auto electrical shop could look at the car.
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