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Driverside window problem

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so on my 98 corolla my power windows sometime takes forever to close. it will go down smoothly and i noticed it will stop short to being all the way down and when i try to bring it back up it will go up but slowly then stop. id have to wait a couple mins to like let it charge or something lol for it to go back up id have to pretty much like play with it just for the window to go back up. could this be the window regulator or the switch? i want to figure this out before i just start buying parts. can somebody help me please
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Its the window regulator motor. Exact same thing happened to my 98 rolla and i replaced the motor on the window regulator and it works like a charm now. Its pretty easy to replace yourself. Just go to a junkyard and get a new regulator and replace the whole assembly. Take the door panel off, and then take the little plastic clips holding the window to the regulator off, take the window out, unbolt the window regulator, then just manuver the regulator out of the door frame. *You will have to open and close the regulator in order to be able to get it out of the frame*
alright thanks a lot ill try that out
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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