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.:: Dropped my car (tokico/intrax) ::.

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I finally took some pictures of my Camry. Sorry for such a long delay. Busy making money for more mods :clap:

So here are few pictures. It looks hotter in life then on pics.:naughty:

Struts: Tokico Blue
Springs: Intrax
Rims: 17x7 ADR Revo-6
Tires: Kuhmo Ecsta 711 205/40 R17



Front again^

Rear Again^

Few pictures of the Install:

Cool Reflection picture:

Um... my stock high performance struts? Note: all of the struts were busted except one, that showed SOME sign of life.

More updates:
The rim that was leaking air is not repairable, i took it to two different professional repair shops in Chicago and neither of them could fix it. I'd have to look for another rim somewhere...:(

Just dropped my camry this weekend!
It looks awesome! I never thought camry could look so hot. I used Tokico Blue struts and Intrax springs, i'm satisfied with results, it looks so low now. Handling is amazing!
I ran into one problem though... the rims that i put on, i bought them few months ago and never put them on, but today it the tire popped on me on the high way, thank God rim didn't get damaged!
Now i have a dilema.. i need new tires.. what I don't like is that i feel every single bump on the road with my low profile tires - 205/40/17 Kumohs. I was curious if 45's going to make a difference? I don't want go higher because I don't like how rims look with too tick tires, but was curious if with 45's the ride would be a little more softer?
Any clues?

I'll be posting pictures soon of the set up. So stay tuned.

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yeah we need pics
This post is useless without pix!!!!!

Go Wider

I know in the Gen 4s we can go 225-235mm across. You should look at going wider as well. I'm running a 225/40 18 myself which you can see in pics both on the Solara and Camry. The most accurate (ie speedometer) tires for you (96 LE I4 running 195/70 14 OE) would be a 205/50 17, 215/45 17, 225/45 17, or 235/40 17. Good luck. Jon.
i am running 235/40/18s BUT i needed spacers because i have 8in wide rims lol

7.5in rims will be ok =)
The higher profile does help a little, but it's all dependent on the suspension. Go with either a 215 or 225. Depending on the width of the rim, it might give you a little height.
Wheel Fitment

You couldnt get an 8" to fit prob because of the offset of the wheel. With an 18x8 you have to have a 40mm offset. On my 18x7.5 Im running a 45mm offset, perfect fit, that 5 mm difference would take care of the issues. Jon.
I'm running 18x7.5 with 225/40/18 with a +42 offset. I have coilovers and I tucked the rear in and they fit perfectly. Once it get the rear fenders rolled, I'll probably slip spacers in.

Aren't we getting a little off topic now?
Wee need some pics ASAP.
Nice drop, for the tires i hated my 205's, best i've had for my gen4 had been 215's. There are people who tried 225's. 205's just seem too skinny IMO!
wait till it settles :)
jhbhatia said:
Nice drop, for the tires i hated my 205's, best i've had for my gen4 had been 215's. There are people who tried 225's. 205's just seem too skinny IMO!
Yeah I hate it too. They came with 205's. I'm getting 215's. My ass hurts from driving. I feel every single bump. I'm having problems with finding replacement rim, or else i'd buy tires alright. I might have to sell those rims, if someone would wanna buy of course. I'm kind of screwed there. As soon as I figure it out id get better tires, or better rims:)
looks awesome. get that cam polished out though. Those swirl marks are hideous.
Car looks nice dropped. I love black camrys, that sux about u'r rim. I remember when one of my rims on ym old camry was leaking. The prvious owner had put some silicone in the hole or something, I had to get it fixed since getting another rim like that was not possible. It was a discontinued MOMO rims. After going to different places, they all said they couldn't fix it. Then I went to a marine welding shop and they fixed that bitch like brand new.

did u have any problems with the strut mounts or the squeaking sound from the front?
I run 225/45's on my gen 3 and love em, i would higly recommend them.
looking pretty good....a drop is always a good thing :thumbup: but you're always going to have the huge fender gap though due to your tire size

but two things:
why are you running those tires in the winter?
why are you tires so undersized in the first place?
did you buy those used? those tires would fit better on a civic.....and it is universal bolt....

even 215/45/17 is slightly undersized, and it still shows a bit of a gap - the only proper way of not having thick tires if you don't like the look is by getting bigger rims

for the camry, you should have either 215/45/17, 215/50/17 (optimum, but less common tire size), or 225/45/17
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