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I got a gen II 87 model sv21 Camry and an opportunity has just come up where I could get a 5S-FE from a 97 (gen III i think) fairly cheaply... The guy's even willing to let me put it in and if I'm not happy with it, get my money back and give him the engine. Just wondering if anyone's replaced the 3S-FE with a 5S-FE? Or could offer any advice on the conversion? The only thing I really have no idea about is the computer - could I use the 5S computer in a gen II? Thanks guys...

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1. Why? Your not gaining much by swapping to a 5S-FE.

2. Not sure about Australia, but 97 for the US is gen 4.

If its the same as our 97 it has DIS (distributorless ignition system) and returnless fuel system. You'd have to convert the fuel system.

3. A 5S-FE computer will work on a gen 2, but you'd have to rewire some stuff.

3S-GE or 3S-GTE swap is better for a gen 2.
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