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Drove in that BAD rain today w/ CAI- bad news?

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k...around 1030 i went some 20 miles away from my house to visit my you may or may not kno...his area (north of philly) received 6 inches of rain today...this caused some big puddles and "rivers"....i drove my car through the rain at the worst time when we went to see a movie....and on the way home i went through a huge river at like 35 question can i tell if i did damage to my engine if my cai sucked in some water?...any signs???...thanks
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Your engine would be running like crap, or not running at all because water does not compress like air. I would suggest pulling over next time.
You would know if you sucked in a sig. amount of water- just take a look @ 88 LE's avatar and u know what could happen he he, or maybe it wasn't his avatar, but someone posted a hydrolocked piston is his avatar...ur right...but it jus scared me when i looked at the filter and it was dripping with water
I wouldnt worry too much. Your filter would need to be completely submerged in water to hydrolock your engine. A little water spraying in isnt terrible.

- Paul
A little water isn't bad at all.

Helps break the carbon buildup, old mechanics trick.
UfoZ8myCow said:
if youre really that worried, you can invest in a AEM bypass valve, which mounts somewhere about halfway up the intake tubing where water cant hit it, and stops any water it senses.
^^ what he said...there only one way of finding out if somethings wrong..the hard way..when something IS. If you don't notice anything different..then don't worry about it too much. If your front bumpe was submerged...then i'd say its time to get ores out and peddle up...
For the most part your engine will burn off any little amounts of water that get sucked up. If you really did any major damage, you would have noticed it instantly.

Anyways, your filter is placed infront of the wheels (I am assuming), so you don't really need to worry about water being thrown up in there. Only if it was so deep that your filter was submerged would you really have to worry.

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wow......thats it just wow!!!!! *claps*
You won't suck in enough water to do any damage unless you get in a 2 ft deep puddle. I took mine through no-touch car wash with no problem ;)
By pass valve is a good investment.
hey, rotary engines cant hydrolock right? i forgot the explanation to this, anyone know it?
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