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There was some flash flooding today and I had to drive through deeper water than I have before. I'm not sure how deep it was, but it was just enough to cover the sidewalk, so maybe 6-8" for about 50 ft. An oncoming driver hit me with a wave which I definitely felt, maybe as high as a foot.

Anyway, I didn't stall or anything. I'm just wondering if there's something I should now be on the lookout for. I've heard the biggest risk is water in the air intake, but I'm not sure where that is on my 2003 Corolla. I know where the filter is and connects to the throttle body, but I don't know where the intake is that feeds through the filter. Should I be concerned?

Edit: Oh, dunno why I had a hard time finding the intake before. It's right behind the top-right of the radiator if you're looking at the car from the front. I seriously doubt any water got that high. Phew!

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It's probably just fine since you didn't report any problems with the engine. Open up the air filter box and take out the filter. Is it wet? Any residual water in the box? If the filter is dry, then you are fine.
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