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Drum replacement

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Help me out here. I did all my own mechanic work on my 1990 Dodge Cummins until I wrecked the thing. A buddy hooked me up with a Mint 1990 Corolla 4 door LE with 100,000 miles and rear drums. The shoes are bad and I know the drums need replacing. How hard is this? Will I be torquing down the bearings as I did with the Dana 70 on my truck?

Quickly, what are the steps?

I need help folks, I appreciate it.:chug:
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jack car up, release handbrake, remove drum, remove shoes, put new shoes in, put new drums on, adjust, drive.
you'll probably have to adjust them all the way out before you take the drum off in order to actually get it off because the shoes will be in grooves they made in the drum.
Is the drum part of the hub? Meaning, will I have to mess with the bearings and after I have the hub and drum off of the car will I have to seperate them??
Nah, the drum is separate and you can force it off with M8x1.25 bolts
The tricky part is adjusting them to stop at the same time both sides have to grab around the same time or just one wheel will lockup when you hit the brakes.
You can take the drums off, without having to mess with the hub or the bearings. They all remain on the car!.

To clarify, this is what you will be looking at when you remove the brake drums:

You can see the brake shoes in this picture. Just replace them, put the drum back on, adjust the brakes using the toothed wheel you can acces through the rear of the backplate, and you're all set to give them a spin! :thumbsup:
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arent the drums self adjusting? when you put the drums back on cant you drive in reverse and slam the brakesa and they will adjust?
Yea, it's far from what your full floating Dana axle is. Gosh I remember working on those, especially in a narrow garage and when you don't have enough room on the sides you're screwed and have to put it all back together, move the vehicle and start again. LOL

EDIT: Well I was beat to the punch. Info below is moot.

Nah, the drum is separate and you can force it off with M8x1.25 bolts
More exactly, there are two threaded holes in the drum near the center. They look like two blind threaded holes only a few mm deep. Thread the two M8 bolts in there and keep turning, the drum with be pushed off if it doesn't come off by hand. Something far different than your Dana.
hrm... i just got a pair of rear disc brake caliper, rotor and hubs from a 88fx gts and it bolted in bolt for bolt except the bottom strut mount hole but the top went in, i just bolted in one bolt, and everything esle went in just fine, i spent about $70 for it from a local junk yard and the braking power(idk if its just me) but it broke a whole lot harder than the drums did. it only too me about 45 mins to take the drums off and install the rear disc brakes.
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