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I post this thread in 7gen camry forum but few response, so repost it in this forum.

I modify my 2012 Camry Hybrid for add the function of Adaptive Cruise control, using a ADAS camera which output the distance to the front car. Then I modify my cruise control stick and use a homemade embedded system to control car speed. Please check the following videos:

Although there are many limitations compare to original Totoya ACC, this system works in highway while the front car is at the distance about 20m~40m, and cost only less than 200 USD. However, a problem happened after my modification. My car ECU detects a DTC error B2282, indicating the signals between the main body ECU and combination meter are inconsistent.

I check the speed signal pin from the skid ECU which inputs to the speedometer (connector I18, pin 8, SI) with an oscilloscope. This pin shows a clear 0v-12v square waveform signal while the wheels rotate. Even so, I check the I18 pin 9 +S the output signal from the speedometer to other devices (radio, certificate ECU...) ,the square waveform signal is very weak 0v~0.5v.

Is waveform from "I18 pin 9 +S" is too weak ? I think it should be 0v~12v. Can anyone confirm this point? If it is not correct, I think my speedometer maybe has some problems.


FINAL ANSWER: I confirmed that output of pin 9 should be in 0~12v waveform.


After install the chinese ADAS my car shows a error "CHECK ENTER AND START SYSTEM"

Read out the DTC with Techstream, DTC code is B2282 indicating the speed output by the skid ECU & CANBUS are inconsistent. The speed signal is input from the pin 8 of I18 (cluster or combination meter / instrument), and been amplify then output to pin 9 of I18 to other devices like radio. I measure the pin 8 of I18 and pin 9 of I18 with oscilloscope, pin 8 outputs rectangular waveform in 0~12v while the wheel is rotating, but pin 9 almost output no signals or very small waveform in 0.5v~1v.

I open the cluster and found a broken resistor as shown in the following figure, R10 is broken and hard to know what its resistance is. Its number is 1?0 and guess should be 100 (10 ohmn). Also I check the T2/D55 2SD780A is not working, so I replace it with a D54 which I just have currently.

The following picture shows the repaired PCB.

Also the circuit of the cluster is shown in the following, indicating the input pin 8 of the cluster and output to pin 9 with amplify by a transistor.

After the resistor & transistor are replaced the output of pin 9 is 0~12v waveform as the wheel rotating. And the message is gone without manually clear the DTC B2282. Wish this information may help you to deal with this problem without buying a new cluster.

I also post the message on for referencing.
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