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Does anyone know if Toyota offers a true dual exhaust option on any
of their vehicles. Thought this might be a nice option for my solara
but it appears this was not the case in this model.

We all know the better the airflow in an engine the more hp it makes.
Improved hp means improved power to weight ratio and hense better
Any ideas for a dual system, or ways to improve mileage in the 01-V6 auto



93 240sx SR Hatch
1999 Solara
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I dont think they offer an option for dual exhaust, but you dont need duals to increase your mileage. Just a simple aftermarket catback can give you mileage gains. Unfortunately, I think all of the bolt on exhausts for the first gen solara are discontinued- GReddy, Apexi, and JIC all made them- the JIC might still be available, but I know the other two are out of production.

You could always have an exhaust show do an aftermarket dual exhaust setup if thats what youre after...
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