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SmokingTiresV6 said:
First, watch your language.
Second, what your doing is considered post whoring, and is not permitted on this forum.

If you had some valid reason why he should not get it besides general dislike, then people would be glad to hear it. But in this case, you opinion is unwanted.
watch my language? last time i checked "gay" wasnt a bad word
and im not post whoring.. i have about 150 posts since september.. if i was post whoring, youd see me all over the forum.. on some forums i have close to 6000 posts and i dont whore on there either
and finally i AM voicing my opinion
if you know anything about the import scene (which i dont think you do) youd know why not to do dual exhaust on a camry...
too many god damn ricers on this site who think they know it all
if a moderator has a problem with me, they can talk to me in pm, but i dont appreciate you saying my opinion isnt wanted when it goes against what youd like to hear
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
Not open for further replies.