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hey guys im fairly new to the wheelin world.... i have a question on the dual Transfer case setup. my '89 pickup is my daily driver right now. ive been seriously considering doing the dual transfer case setup when i put my soild front under the truck. can someone explain how the dual transfer case setup works? my main question is.... will the dual transfer case setup screw me for highway driving? will 2high and 4high be the same as stock?

any imput is welcome. thanks!

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I have duals in my truck, and a crawler gear in one of them too.

You take the front part (which contains the hi/lo section) of your stock case and bolt it to a top shift case via an adapter.

In normal on road operation the front case is in hi and the rear (complete) case is in 2hi. Same as always, therefore no effect on hi-way driving.

For offroad the cases can be used in various combinations for different degrees of reduction.
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