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I just recently rotated my tires and now I feel the car move to the left a bit. Went down to Dunn Tire's for a free alignment check.
I watched and all the did was aggressively drive my car around the parking lot, literally. Not tires spinning, but faster than normal cornering.

Ne ways, they came back in, said I need a CAMBER ALIGNMENT ON ALL for wheels at $49.xx per wheel and plus the alignment itself, total came to be some where like $2xx.xx

I said, i want to see some specs, they said they have them, but u don't need them, I said I want to see them. THen later they said they didn't put it on the lift. THen they state, the camber looks way off and our technician of about 25 years looked at it and said so. And that's all I need to know. I was like, whoa whoa.. SPecs asses. I can eye-ball it myself.

They did do my car last year on when I did lower my car and HAVE the TRD kit on it. I called two days ago asking if I could go there with a lowered car, kit, and was it the same machine used for alignment as before. The rep stated it's been there for the last 10 to 15 years.

They tech. said my car could not be on the lift since my car is too low and would damage watever. I said, waste of my time, u guys did it before and I have reciepts and that i DID verify in advance to ensure my car would be able to receive the FREE alignment check to make sure it wasn't in my mind at all...

WEll, here's the part I am mad about, they try to CON my fludging a$$. One, they test drove my car, second, they eye-balled the car, third, they lied about having the specs and then claimed I don't need them and listen to them based on word-of-mouth from them, and fourth... They said I cannot get the wheel alignment because I can't fit on the ramp/lift watever u call that wheel alignment machine.... SO why the F did they quote me a price of $2xx.xx making me assume that they ARE able to do my car?!?! HHmm, con artist. Lol

The first time these guys did my car while it was dropped and stuff, was great service. Today, a year later, f this.... THanks for listening~:rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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